Egg-painting always a certain success!

Sill and surströmming and kräftor, snapsånger, Midnatt råder and Små grodorna.
That is, respectively: Raw herring, rotten herring, sweet water crayfish party, drinking songs, Lucia celebration in white robes and dunce hats plus weird bouncing around the Midsummer pole.
Behold this mix of Swedish contribution to global cultural exchange.

Actually, I have participated in brave efforts to introduce all of this in Africa.

Meeting with mixed enthusiasm.

Schnapps songs are much appreciated, likewise Lucia.

And Easter egg-painting! Children everywhere love it. If you ever are given the chance, invite friends and colleagues with their children and organise a massive egg-painting session in Africa.

A guaranteed success. And as you can see at our preschool in Burkina Faso, a very serious business.

In Nakamtenga, the ever-present artistic creativeness finds other form of visualising Easter. It may more look like a rooster than a chicken but anyhow, with this “galna galande tupp” made  of bottle metal caps, Yennenga wishes all friends and followers a very Happy Easter.

Finn Norgren, board member

Glad Påsk!