The Era of digital learning platforms

The concept of The Good Village has raised a lot of interest. And not only in Burkina Faso. We have heard many people spontaneously say: “This would probably work really well here too”.

But how can we, as a very small NGO, expand into other regions – and even countries – and initiate future welfare societies in micro format? The simplest answer lies in another vocabulary in this sector of society where we work: Gamification.

The Yennenga Program is an addition to our field of operation. It is described as a social franchise based on a digital platform combined with mentorship. The aim is to influence and inspire others to create their own welfare societies in micro format. A viable alternative to traditional aid, for individuals and communities with an ambition to develop themselves.

The main tool is a digital learning platform, constructed as a game. Easy and fun to follow and continuously updated where villagers step by step can follow and learn from all stages of the construction of what we have achieved in Nakamtenga as a role model. Furthermore, the philosophy will be strongly linked with the 17 UN global goals and mix concise gradual inputs with implementing democracy and human rights.

A number of partners have joined in this effort, notably Insert Coin, who the other day organised a workshop – see their post on Linkedin where a mantra for activities was formulated as follows: “Can gamification be utilized in order to make the world a better place?”

Other partners are The New Division, Mukwege Foundation, Learnster, We Were There and three experts on franchising: jur dr Anders Fernlund, legal advisor; Johan Martinsson, strategic advisor and Anders Lindgren, operational advisor.

If you are able to attend the pending Yennenga annual general meeting in Stockholm towards the end of May, there will be a presentation of how this new method actually is handled.

And... if you feel tempted to contribute, please join in the program, it is fun. Just send an email to for more info.