Interview with Elin Richarz

Burkina Faso has always been known as friendly and peaceful, a nation spared of ethnic conflicts. But in recent years, sporadic terror attacks by extremists have occurred in the north. The region around Nakamtenga is regarded safe but incidents also far away in the country must be looked into as potential threats to security.

– We have visited Nakamtenga in order to conduct a survey and security analysis, says Elin Richarz, managing director of Practise Risk.

When she describes the role of the company, she comes back to words such as stable, robust and secure.

– Our role is to build safe institutions. As experts in handling risks and threats, we can help others to be prepared for and be able to handle various situations. In this, I believe we basically also contribute to the UN goals to create a better world.

Any organization needs to prepare for a potential crisis, disseminate information and analyze preconditions in order to guard its assets, Elin underlines. They should manage to stand firm if it gets windy.

Practise Risk’s support to Yennenga means they will continue to monitor the security situation, liaise with others and assist the organisation. One obvious task is to advice on travels and working in the region.

Presently, Yennenga is working together with all stakeholders on site to gather information and establish a regional network and a mutual safety plan. Even, if today, nothing seems to implicate that the area is of any interest for the militant groups of Sahel.

– Nakamtenga can also be looked upon as a valuable test case. We learn ourselves by cooperating with an NGO like Yennenga.

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