Interview with Sara Rösare

– The Swedish ”offentlighetsprincipen”, the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, is excellent but it is not worth much if the documents it grants you to see are incomprehensible.

Sara Rösare at “Språkkonsulterna” is firm when she declares that their work basically is about democracy. It is a human right to be able to understand what you hear and read. She sees her company as a participant in the process of realising the UN Global Goals number 16.

Språkkonsulterna, meaning language consultants, helps clients with their communication, adapts it to be easier to understand. They arrange training courses, they listen and browse documents. Including the annual reports and other texts produced by Yennenga.

But their support is not at all limited to give advice in Sweden. Språkkonsulterna has a specific partner in Burkina Faso.

– We finance a pre-school, not in Nakamtenga but in another village in the area. It was opened by a lady from the population group Peul who underwent her schooling in Nakamtenga and then took this initiative.

Language training is a significant topic at this pre-school: The children speak only the local language foulfoulde and have to be taught both the main national language more and French which is the school language.

– Yennenga is efficient in mixing all sections within development into one entity. It is a small project but one which should serve as a positive example and be copied in other, and wider, contexts. That is why we want to remain involved in Burkina.

Please find below a link to Språkkonsulterna and an interview with Sara Rösare made by the Swedish Red Cross Film Academy for documentary filming:

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Interview with Sara Rösare
Interview with Sara Rösare
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