A mixed (indeed!) container on its way

Let us hope that the persons opening the container are informed about its content. Otherwise, revealing a life sized ripped up doll with various internal organs on display may cause some consternation.

But why a human replica to the Sahel? The link is Axelsons Institute, early this year in charge of educating three of our staff at Dr Denis Mukwege Centre in Nakamtenga in the art of massage. This health training institute introduced massage as a complement to the health clinic, not least at the maternity ward. But offering massage to visitors is also an added source of income.

Now Axelsons donates massage benches, matrasses, big whiteboards and educational material – including the colourful medical model of man.

Sending a container with collected goods is an annual Yennenga tradition. Last year, we bought a container in order to leave it on site as a storeroom, this year the giant box is rented and will be recycled over the oceans. The long line of logistics started with secretary general Stina Berge and resident manager in Burkina Faso Lennart Karlsson (on corona displacement in Sweden). They have spent the summer coordinating private donors and organisations forwarding a mix of bicycles, books, floorball (innebandy) equipment, children’s games and jigsaw puzzles, sewing machines etc…. All ending up at our depot in Tierp, where local volunteers in recent days have packed everything.

The bulk of the shipment comes from AJ Produkter AB in Halmstad. Since 2013, this furniture company has been instrumental in furnishing the school in Nakamtenga with modern and durable equipment. This time, AJ secures yet another new classroom with benches, chairs and metal lockers – all with anti-termite guarantee.

Another main supporter is fuel delivery chain Circle-K, which has contributed with a great number of (always in demand) footballs.

Sending material in a container has become increasingly expensive, not least due to custom fees. But thanks to one of Yennenga’s most treasured private donors, this once again was made possible.

If everything goes as planned, the container will take a month's time to reach Nakamtenga.