Former president in this picture is Peter Park Larsson and the newly elected is Selma Pacariz.

News New support for added solar energy

When the sun sets in the Sahel, it gets d-a-r-k! Early. Many everyday activities we take for granted is almost impossible when one, like most families in Nakamtenga, does not have electricity at home. How can you charge your cell phone, do your homework from school, clean the dishes etc....?

The simple answer is the simple use of the ever present source of energy in the region: The Sun.

Therefore, a new product was introduced in 2018, a basic solar energy kit called Offgridsun. It consists of a solar panel, three LED lights and a socket for charging e.g. phones. It is cheap, it is easy to purchase locally, it is easy to assemble.

The first beneficiaries were a crèche, the guesthouse and the youth centre in order to make evening studies possible. Without light, children in Africa are severely hampered in their studies.

Presently, 14 out of 142 households in the central village have these much appreciated installations. The price for each solar cell unit is roughly SEK 500, shared equally by the respective household and donations via Yennenga Progress. The ambition during 2019 is to gradually expand until at least every block of houses has one common unit with a light and a socket.

The next step can now be taken with the help of a donation of SEK 48 000 from Rotary Göteborg-Kungsporten in Gothenburg! With their help we will be able to expand both the urgent step of solar energy at the center – and be able to subsidize the households in line to invest in their own family unit!

”Members of our club follow the very succesful developement of Nakamtenga with great interest and pride, as being one of the supporters to the people there for a better life", Eric Sjöberg says in a quotation from Göteborg-Kungsporten RK.