The yearly menstrual event is introduced!

Something that nearly all women experience. Do we need to talk about that? YES! Everyone experiences their first-time, everyone experiences messy moments, maybe embarrassing moments, maybe worries? So definitively we MUST talk about it!

So we have introduced a new tradition at the Yennenga Center in Nakamtenga ! The yearly menstrual event for our girls, grades 5-7, which means 11-14 year olds. Grown-up women working at the center (at the school, at the health center, in the administration etc.) join and share their menstrual stories! They talk openly about their first-time, hopes and worries, mess and solutions!

Why do we do this? We do it to de-dramatize, create closeness and trust, and for the girls to feel that they can go to any of these adults when they themselves are menstruating or have questions and thoughts they want to share.

The event was supposed to last 2 hours, but the girls never wanted to leave! They danced together, had a good dinner, discussion-groups and more singing and dancing. They stayed more than 5 hours! Before leaving they, all received a little purse to keep their menstrual “equipment”. It already contained two pairs of underwear, a bracelet, a package of sanitary napkins, and one washable one.

Why did we start now? Well, the Swedish company Payer, contacted us and had things to celebrate at their company, and as corona forced them to celebrate in new ways they started to think a little bit more creative and wanted to share their “celebration” further in a meaningful way! So here we are, the celebration expands, and the results are already showing us, that sometimes the easy solutions are the best ones!

To know that you are not alone. To talk to someone who can give you advice and encouragement. Sometimes you don’t have to make “your own mistakes” but you can learn from others. Sharing means that you don’t have to feel shame or be afraid. Celebrating helps us connect, gather strength and courage, feeling love, loved and strong! Thank you Payer for including us in your celebration!

Why we celebrate the International women’s day? Well first off, all the world is full of fantastic women we should lift forward, celebrate, thank and present for the world to know, because we all need role models and inspiration to be our best selves and to be the friend, we all need.

But also, because there are many questions that have to be raised and discussed when it comes to women and girls' situation in our world so that we can take action, raise together and make a difference. Some of them are difficult, with no quick fixes, such as glass ceilings, gender-based violence, gender equality, freedom. Some of them are easier, but oh so important, like the one we just told you about: menstruation.

Every step is an important step! So let’s do this together!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, to talk about how you and your company or association can be part of the change! Looking forward to hearing from you: