A bridge between young people here and in Nakamtenga

Fancy spending two weeks of your summer holiday in the real Africa, far away from any tourist crowds?

Not only will the genuine rural hospitality overwhelm you – you will also be part of local life and join youngsters in various activities. Music, sport, theatre, tree planting, playing at the day care centre with the little ones, re-painting the restaurant, sharing your IT-knowledge with other eager teenagers, etc.

This can be realised if you join Yennenga Youth, a new initiative to bring young Swedes into the global Yennenga network. A platform for co-working, experience-sharing, twinning and friendship-building between Sweden and Burkina Faso. Which includes a yearly tour to the Nakamtenga village for a group of 10 young Swedes.

Less spectacular, but still most rewarding, will be numerous activities in Sweden, whether just gatherings for discussions and learning or initiating fund raising events or new project inputs.

It is a serious task indeed – the Yennenga Youth has value words like democracy, peace, sustainable development and the UN goals in Agenda 2030. But working together for a better world is also: Fun!

This new initiative will bring young people together for parties, events, storytelling, entertainment, summer camps, workshops, study visits. Yennenga Youth will court potential donors and seek cooperation with schools and Universities. One idea is to build a bridge between schools here and in Burkina Faso for i.e. mutual sharing of essays.

Among the first initiatives taken is to participate in a photo project and the setup of a few working groups labelled Tree Planting, Young Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Villages, etc.

For more information contact one of the Swedish Yennenga Youth founders Alice Forsman Kocsis.