When I left Nakamtenga in May to return to Sweden for the summer, the landscape was okra colored, and the animals was in desperation searching for something green to fill their empty stomachs. The boys were still digging to deepen the dam.

When I came back the 15th of August the picture was completely different. The grass was dark green and juicy, the cereals on the fields were already more than a meter high. The Nakamtenga dam was filled to the rim with water – a sight for the gods.  I was so happy because I had been afraid that the digging to deepen the dam we had done in May should damage the impenetrability of the bottom layer.  Had my fear been unfounded?

Now a month later, I am not as sure it did not. During the month we have had several good rains, but in spite of that, the water level in the dam has gone down a bit to fast. That is a bit disturbing.  Nevertheless, nothing can be done now. We have to wait some month before we can draw any conclusions.

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