The time for the rainy season is approaching. Everyone is longing for rain. Not only for its cooling effect but more because it gives the possibility to start planting for a new harvest. Last year was a disaster and everyone at the countryside is now suffering. Almost nothing remains from the last harvest season and there is still three, four month before something can be collected again from the fields. This period is here in Burkina Faso called “la soudure”  – there is hardly anything left to eat, but still, everyone has to work hard on the fields.  This year there is also big difficulties to get seeds to plant.

Water is life and without water no life. That’s way the young boys in the village are eager to participate to deepen the dam in the village. With a bigger volume of water that can be collected during the rains, the dam will not dry out so quickly when the rains are over.  There is not yet any financing of the dam project but as it is so important, we have started, in a first test phase, to dig out around 125 cubic meter of soil before the rains comes. After an evaluation of the result of this first phase, there will decide how to proceed.

Yennenga Progress has become a symbol for a brighter future to the young generation in Nakamtenga. The fact that someone from the outside is interested in the well being of the people in the village, especially the young, gives hope and energy. In a meeting Tuesday evening were discussed a list of projects that the youngsters hope can be realized in a near future.

Tillbaka till Progress