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The work in the Yennenga Water Team is continuing.  During the meeting held, end of January, the team drew a working plan to be able to give a concrete form to the plans to rehabilitate the dam in Nakamtenga.  Beside a source of drinking water for the animals, the dam will have several purposes. When the dam is deepened and formed to contain a suitable level of water around the year, it will be possible to do fish farming which can become an important source of income for the young people in the village. The position of the dam, close to the main road, will attract clients to the nearby restaurant. As there will be planting of trees and other suitable vegetation around the dam, a pleasant site will be created and the microclimate will change for the better.

The planning is done in close collaboration with our Yennenga Networkers in Nakamtenga. They are now providing information and facts, which are important for the designing and calculations of the dam rehabilitation. They have measured the dam and are now digging a three-meter deep hole to test the penetration of the water during dry season.

If everything works as planed, it is possible that the first phase of the dam construction can be achieved before the next rainy season that hopefully starts in July.

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