A first meeting has been held with the idea to create a Yennenga Water Team with the mission to ameliorate the access to water for the population in Nakamtenga in Burkina Faso. A group of young engineers, a board member of INUG and a representative from Yennenga Progress have, after an introduction meeting and discussion, decided to create a working group to develop ideas about ways to secure water access during the vegetables gardening period for the population and also secure drinking water for animals in Nakamtenga. The area is very arid and the rains are scares and more and more unpredicted. Burkina has a history of rain harvesting so the group will start their work with a survey to gather information about what has already been done.

 “I feel very enthusiastic about this challenge”, said one of the young engineers. “This project gives us an opportunity to put our hands on something concrete that can make a change”

Tillbaka till Progress