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Today was the new water tank delivered from Ouagadougou. Paul and his building team had just finished the five-meter high construction that will carry the 10 cubic meter water tank. This new water tank produced in the neighbouring country, Ghana, will increase the water storage capacity at the Nakamtenga Centre from 3 cubic metres to 13.

The project idea has been discussed during at least a year and thanks to some good Yennenga Progress friends in Värnamo, the project could be realized. Now the Centre will have enough water to all different activities and the population living around the centre, will also be provided with clean and healthy water.  Water is an indispensable foundation and requisite for life and for development.

How should the big tank be lifted up to the top of the construction without any technical support. We tried to find a truck in Ouagdougou with a lift but it was too expensive to hire. What to do?   Yes – let us work together!

The name of the farmer’s organisation that was created here in Nakamtenga in the midst of the 80th  by Joseph Ilbodou, was Nong Taaba, a word in the local language Moré that means “Let us work together – union give strength”  If this was the key-word than, it has still its value.  When the truck came, we gathered some 20 young men who together managed to heave the water tank up the 5 meters and put it in place.

When we all sat in the shadow to sip a soft drink to celebrate the new water tank, we used the word “Nong Taaba” as a symbol when we discussed what we can do together to make Nakamenga a good place to live and for all.

The Centre de l’Esprit Ouvert de Nakamtenga will soon have a new skyline.

Tillbaka till Progress