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Fortune Development Centre

Skapa arbetstillfällen, yrkesutbildning och förutsättningar för hållbar utveckling



16 mars, 2018


Long-standing Fortune DC donors and philanthropists have deposited 40,000SEK towards the purchase of a minibus to ferry tourists in Honde Valley. An appeal is now in progress for more donations to supplement this generous gesture. Our target is 120,000SEK.

Deposit your donation on Fortune Development Centre Swedbank Bankgiro 138-0039   Account number 8327-9,934 227 927-1.

Our motto: Little drops of water, little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.


After embarking on a project to raise awareness that water resource management is a very important issue from several angles such as agriculture, energy generation, industry, transport and fisheries, village heads and their subjects in Ward 10 agreed to implement projects by considering recommendations made by the visiting InnoEnergy-SELECT research team from Stockholm and Barcelona.


A villager stressing a point

The project proposals produced a “popcorn effect” with different types of associations or cooperatives being suggested for the financial management of each and every project on the table. A decision was then made at an Indaba (symposium) on 21 May 2017, attended by the Village Heads; education and health organisations; church, women and youth organisations; business representatives and Agritex to establish a Community Development Council.

The outcome of several consultations and briefings, culminated in the holding of a second Indaba on September 9, 2017 that approved the formation of the Ward 10 Community Development Council.


Participant making a point

On 21 October, 2017, a new Constitution for Ward 10 Community Development Council was signed after the draft had been given a legal format by the chosen Lawyers for Human Rights in Harare. And on October 27, 2017 the Constitution was duly signed by the founding trustees of the CDC to establish corporate status for Ward 10.


Mr Emmanuel Kamba, one of the Founding Trustees, here seen signing the new Constitution


Group photo of the Founding Trustees together with Fortune DC’s Community Mobilization Leadership Team

Registration of Ward 10 Community Development Council took effect on November 6, 2017 and this led to a meeting of the CDC’s Trustees that authorized the opening of a bank account with Steward Bank, Mutare on 20 January 2018.FDC5

Fortune DC Ambassador, Learnmore Matingo, presenting the functioning of the new banking system that is now being developed with the collaboration of Steward Bank.

Unveiled at the meeting were five distinct categories of income/investment generation:

  1. Small payments for water charges and O&M (operations and maintenance);
  2. Agricultural Cash Crop Produce;
  3. Services at the Community Welfare Centre;
  4. Membership
  • Technical Experts (Individual, Students, Organizations);
  • Tertiary (Donor Organisations, Philanthropists);
  1. NGO/State-owned corporate investment funds including FDIs.

Direct payment can be made to Steward Bank account 100 7715 818, Mutare.

By supporting Ward 10 CDC, you will not only transform the lives of down-trodden youngsters in the community and thereby make the world a fairer and better place; you will benefit too, in two important ways:

  • Philanthropy is increasingly a mark of professional credibility in the business world. Nowadays, many highly successful individuals and companies give donations to worthy causes; this brings them prestige and respect. Your image will be enhanced through your generosity. We will include you and any organisation’s logo and name on our website and marketing campaign leaflets.
  • Donating to our project will clearly show the public (itself full of potential customers, investors, and employees) that you care about something more than just your own prestige/profits—something you can exploit in sales and marketing.

An additional benefit to you and any such donating organisation is the possibility of getting tax deductions for the contributions made.


In November 2016, Fortune Development Centre was awarded the Project of the Year Challenge Driven Education sponsored by KIC-InnoEnergy and SELECT. This resulted in a visit to Honde Valley by science students from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) and UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona) in early December 2016. The research parameters were identified as water harmonisation, clean energy accessibility and sustainable economic opportunities.

With the help of Fortune DC’s Community Mobilisation Leadership Team, the visiting team was introduced to the ruler of Ward 10, Changamire (Chief) Mutetwa before meeting community leaders at Masere Business Centre. The following day, an expedition was undertaken to explore the sources of water along the Ruunji-Nyakabinga range of mountains. The team was also able to visit the Buwu Hydroelectric Plant along the Pungwe River.

On December 7, 2016, a meeting of village headmen, community leaders and their representatives from different organisations, health and educational institutions and religious representatives was organised in the Community Hall at Masere Business Centre. Here below is a synopsis of the presentations:

Water Resources Management

  • The community needs better water storage tanks for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • There is need for water purification to prevent disease outbreaks.

Education Sector

  • Water is a big problem as pupils and students in both the primary and secondary schools have no sufficient and clean water to drink.
  • Major agricultural and other income generating projects like piggery have flopped due to inadequate water supplies.
  • A lack of laboratory equipment has caused an exodus of students to schools where science subjects are taught. The introduction of the STEM Programme has greatly disadvantaged students at Samaringa High.
  • The impact of ICT on the social and economic landscape prompts the Samaringa Educational Institution to request for the supply of updated desktops and laptops so as to cope with technological developments.
  • The  institution has no school bus to ferry pupils and students to sporting, debating and other inter-school activities in the district. This has caused none-participation in vital educational trips.

Health Sector

  • Inadequate water supplies,
  • Shortage of medicines and other pharmaceutical products,
  • Appalling road network to ferry patients to Hauna Hospital,
  • No ambulance for emergence transportation to clinic or hospital
  • Samaringa Clinic is in need of mothers’ shelter and better washing facilities, and
  • A proposal to have a health centre at Nyabadza to serve the Manyonho cluster of villages.

Business Community

  • Water shortages were causing business activities to operate at a very low level.
  • The business community requires a “reliable deep borehole” to supply the Masere Business Centre with clean and safe water.

Transport and Road Infrastructure

  • There is need to construct bridges across Turumhu and Mupenga rivers.
  • There is an urgent need to upgrade stretches of road between Bvuma turnoff and Nyabadza, Samaringa School turnoff to the sources of water in order to implement the water harmonisation project.

Sports Facilities

  • There is a need to rehabilitate/upgrade school sporting fields.
  • Schools and local football teams are appealing for soccer boots and jerseys.
  • The community needs to introduce tennis and basketball facilities and equipment.
  • There is need to embark on talent search and development within the community to view sporting activities as a profession.

On this issue of sports facilities, it is Fortune DC’s vision to invest in the construction of recreational grounds and halls/rooms to enable boys and girls to partake in boxing and other indoor games like table tennis, squash, chess, acrobatics and other gymnastics.

Women’s Gender Affiliation

  • There is need for adequate health facilities,
  • Water is essentially needed for both domestic and commercial purposes.

On this issue of women’s gender affiliation, it is Fortune DC’s vision to invest in the construction of a welfare and information centre.

What can be termed a “popcorn effect” has been produced by the reports—Opportunities for Sustainable Community Development of Ward 10 in Honde Valley and Honde Valley: Path towards Social & Technical Progress—produced by the KTH Stockholm and UPC Barcelona research teams, respectively. Therefore, a global model of water consumption and irrigation  should be developed in collaboration with ZINWA, with a mathematical reasoning of evaluation and validation, based on local climatic data and on the confrontation between principles and practices of consumption and irrigation and their follow-up to the stage of getting the results.

As has been demonstrated by all the submissions above, water is a vital factor for all socio-economic developmental activities. Fortune DC now aims to mobilise and galvanise technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and management strategies, including the protection of wetlands and riverbeds in order to improve water management. A strategic plan should provide information about current water uses and charts a course for water efficiency improvements, conservation activities, and water-waste reduction goals.

In appealing for investment from donor foundations and international NGOs, Fortune DC understands that contributing to charities that make quality of life upgrades available, even to the poorest of people, would likely make those people more productive, healthier and live longer. The more money and better quality of life the poorest people have, the more money can be spent on the services and products those donor companies offer. When we talk of ‘benefits’ to the donor, we are not talking about an honorary nameplate on a door of a room. The primary motivating factor of the donor is advancing our mission. Thus, your donation will help us advance the alleviation of poverty that we are aware you are really interested in.

Your investment will dramatically contribute to a better standard of living for the vulnerable children and youths and their families in Ward 10 in Honde Valley.


20 februari, 2017

In November 2016, Fortune Development Centre was awarded the Project of the Year Challenge Driven Education sponsored by KIC-InnoEnergy and SELECT. This resulted in a visit to Honde Valley by science students from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) and UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona) in early December 2016. The research parameters were identified as water harmonisation, clean energy accessibility and sustainable economic opportunities.

With the help of Fortune DC’s Community Mobilisation Leadership Team, the visiting team was introduced to the ruler of Ward 10, Changamire (Chief) Mutetwa before meeting community leaders at Masere Business Centre. The following day, an expedition was undertaken to explore the sources of water along the Ruunji-Nyakabinga range of mountains. The team was also able to visit the Buwu Hydroelectric Plant along the Pungwe River.

Here below are a series of photographs (courtesy of Jacob Chikuhwa, Fortune DC Founder/Director) depicting the water infrastructure inspection, starting with the visit to Changamire Mutetwa’s court.

Mr Peter Dulley at the Chief’s Court

Peter Dulley, Fortune DC Sweden Chairperson being introduced to Changamire Mutetwa.

Mr Jeevan Jayasuriya at the Chief’s Court

Jeevan Jayasuriya, academic supervisor and project collaborator being introduced to Changamire Mutetwa.

The MC Address

The Master of Ceremonies introducing the scientific team in the Community Hall at Masere Business Centre.

Address by Mr Oscar Matingo

Oscar Matingo, Fortune DC Zimbabwe Treasurer addressing the gathering in the Community Hall.

Samaringa Primary Traditional Dancers

Traditional dancers entertaining the gathering in the Community Hall.

Muzvare Meets the Exploration Team

Muzvare, the traditional Spirit Medium giving permission for the exploration of water resources at the Mupenga River source at the foot of Ruunji Mountain.

Water Pipe at the Mupenga River Source

The exploration team inspecting the pipeline at the source of Mupenga River.laid by Plan International in 1996.

Pipeline Carrying Water

One of the two pipelines carrying water from the Mupenga River source to the main water-tank.

Another water-tank Supplied by the Mupenga River Source

Luigi Ghiani, the KTH team leader, photographing the inside of a water-tank.

Water-tank at Nyahangare Homestead

The roof of the water-tank at Nyahangare homestead.

Water-tank at Nyahangare Homestead

The inside of the water tank at Nyahangare homestead. It is empty because the water that had been filled in the tank during the night had been released to the villages downstream.

Director of the Buwu Hydroelectric Plant

Inspection of the Buwu Hydroelectric Plant along Pungwe River with the Director, Mr Kapenzi explaining the technology to the visiting science team.

Buwu Hydroelectric Turbines

Out of the four turbines in the photograph only one was in operation at the time of the teams’ visit.

Samaringa High Debating Club

23 mars, 2016

In line with Fortune DC objective for community outreach coordination, we have established a debating club at Samaringa High. There is a lot of enthusiasm among students who have enrolled into the club in numbers. We were forced to limit our participation to Forms 4, 5 and 6. There are already demands for a “junior” debating club.

We are concentrating on making these students “comfortable speaking in public”. Our debating topics range from gender issues, street kids and vulnerable children and youths, environmental issues and unemployment.

As adjudicators were busy summing up the results of the debates done on March 11, the boys and girls performed a “stunning” drama, which we could develop into street and interactive theatre and other cultural activities. Our goal is for public education campaigns to generate awareness, motivate action, encourage funding and keep the community focused on the issues at hand.

Jacob Chikuhwa, Honde Valley, Zimbabwe


14 december, 2015

(Photograph by Jacob Chikuhwa)

After a survey of water resources in Ward 10 of Honde Valley, it was revealed that there is clear evidence indicating that individuals and organisations are trying to outsmart each other in the tapping of water resources from the mountain ranges. In that respect, prevention of disputes and protection of available water bodies from over exploitation and pollution should be regarded as vital. Thus, Fortune Development Centre has now embarked on a community mobilisation campaign to raise awareness that water is a scarce and limited resource. With the help of the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), we have initiated a project to harmonise the distribution of water resources.

Fortune Development Centre’s survey has revealed the following images posted below:


(Photograph by Jacob Chikuhwa)

Rapid environmental degradation in Honde Valley has resulted in a gradual loss of the landscape and rural environment. In simple terms, the over exploitation and haphazard distribution of water resources harm nature and affect human life. This has deepened the overall negative impact to the quality of life, natural beauty and cultural heritage of Honde Valley.


(Photograph by Alice Mudehwe)

The haphazard distribution of water resources is leading to water waste. Efforts to minimize wastage of water range from minimal to none existent. Consequently, water puddles and management of water resources have become a challenge as rural inhabitants tape water haphazardly without provisions or plans for appropriate infrastructure and services. Leakages from T-joints frequently disrupt the flow of water and the intermittent water supply of merely a few hours in a day creates suction in the water supply pipes during the run of water.


(Photograph by Jacob Chikuhwa)

The risk of drinking contaminated water is highest in rural areas because the wells are neither protected nor tested and filtered for toxic chemicals. The water may look clean but can still be contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites. In case of an open-well, contamination through buckets, faeces and mud can still appear when animals are watered in the direct surrounding of the well.


(Photograph by Jacob Chikuhwa)

Contamination from derelict water-tanks and other septic systems are so common that rural families often have to deal with extra hazards such as mosquito breeding during the rainy season. Individuals, clinics and schools in the area have mounted separate fundraising campaigns to construct small water tanks. Meetings with headmen and their village representatives have roused excitement and support for Fortune Development Centre’s initiative to involve Zinwa and other NGOs to construct adequate water tanks to supply water to inhabitants of Ward 10. Water resource management is a very important issue from several angles such as agriculture, energy generation, industry, transport and fisheries. And yet increasing competition for water among such uses is degrading the very natural resources on which they depend.


(Photograph by Jacob Chikuhwa)

Sweden has some of the most impressive water-tanks. The challenge faced by humanity is one of balance, equity and sustainability: how to meet present-day competing demands for freshwater, with the need to maintain healthy ecosystems that will safeguard freshwater resources and biodiversity for future generations. With the help of national and international NGOs, Fortune Development Centre aims to mobilise and galvanise technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and management strategies—including the protection of wetlands and riverbeds—in order to improve water management in Honde Valley.


6 september, 2015


4 May, 2015: Visit to Mambo Mutetwa’s Court to present Fortune Development Centre’s structural designs for the construction of a Toy Manufacturing Carpentry Factory at Samaringa Village.

18 June, 2015 marked the introduction of a Community Mobilisation Leadership Team to 13 Headmen of Ward 10. The 13 villages (communes) are listed according to number of inhabitants:




1.  Matingo


2.  Ngwende


3.  Nyakabinga


4.  Manyonho


5.  Saruwaka


6.  Mutetwa


7.  Mutsamba


8.  Hambira


9.  Baradza


10. Chipunha


11. Mutsaka


12. Samaringa


13. Nyabadza


Total No. of Inhabitants



4 July, 2015 marked the inaugural meeting of the Community Mobilisation Leadership Team. It was decided to create a formal structure comprising Overall Direction; Data Collection and Analysis; Mobilisation of Funds; Community Outreach Co-ordination; and Communication Handling.

Choice of the leadership to occupy positions was as follows:

  • Overal Direction: Adam Mutetwa
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Mcnicol Maturura assisted by Feebie Saruwaka
  • Mobilisation of Funds: Jacob Chikuhwa
  • Community Outreach Co-ordination: Aaron Masuku assisted by Ronald Mwaturura
  • Communication Handling: Peter Chademwiiri assisted by Lorraine Tande

*See Photo of Leadership Team above

26 July, 2015: A meeting was convened to discuss the structure and the associated job descriptions. Fortune Development Centre founder, Jacob Chikuhwa, distributed a write-up for the practical implementation of the Community Mobilisation Project.

30 July, 2015: An orientation seminar for the Community Mobilisation Leadership Team was held at Simukai Child Protection Programme’s offices in the city of Mutare. Simukai Child Protection Programme is a registered Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) which was established in February 2000, as a result of a partnership between Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT – Mutare) and Scripture Union, Eastern Region. Simukai, which was established as a community response to the plight of abused, neglected and abandoned street children, has agreed to partner Fortune Development Centre in the development of our community mobilisation project in Ward 10.

11 August, 2015: A meeting was held at Mambo Mutetwa’s Court to explain the establishment of the Community Mobilisation Leadership Team in his Ward 10 domain. A formal request was made to open premises for the holding of meetings and campaign activities for the mobilisation of the community to advance economic development. Mambo Mutetwa availed his business premises near Masere Business Centre.

16 August, 2015: A follow-up meeting was held to introduce the Community Mobilisation Team to Mambo Mutetwa and to explain its mandate as stipulated in the job descriptions in the structure set up on July 4, 2015.

Current Interventions

Director of Operations: To enlist representatives of village heads in Ward 10 into the Community Mobilisation Structure.

Data Collection and Analysis: Data analysis and interpretation; Male & Female population figures to be compiled for the remaining villages; to collect statistics on vulnerable children.

Community Outreach Co-ordination: To set up organisational structures in villages; map out campaign strategy and outreach messages; to attract potential volunteers from business and religious groups in Ward 10.

Communication Handling: Plan ways to communicate messages on reduction of unemployment rates in Ward 10; to publicise Fortune DC and her aims and objectives; to educate the community about the issues our organisation addresses.

Mobilisation of Funds: To present the structural designs to Fortune DC’s Swedish Chapter Executive Board; to create a budget for the Community Mobilisation Leadership Team; to campaign for the proper harnessing of the abundant water resources in Ward 10 in Honde Valley.


7 maj, 2015

Samaringa: 1 May, 2015; 18:00

Consultations with Chairperson of the Water Resources Committee at Samaringa Village

Our discussion was centred on how the Water Resources Committee would be of assistance in the supply of water to the Fortune Development Centre project. The Chairperson, Mr William Mbona, was made to understand that this project is a community private voluntary organisation. Emphasis was put on building consensus for community involvement in supporting the project morally and in kind.

It was put across that one of the main goals of this project is to motivate the larger Samaringa community to come together and support vulnerable youths and school leavers in the community. It was emphasised that it should not be the responsibility of the Swedish donors to make sure vulnerable youths in Samaringa Village receive proper skills and the basic needs of survival. Rather, neighbours, family members, and the extended community have plenty of resources to uplift the youths who are most in need.

It was proposed that in their next meeting the Water Resources Committee examines the idea to form a support committee that would enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with Fortune DC. Sharing this concept of collective responsibility is something that will take time, but Fortune DC believes that the people of Samaringa Village have the capacity and willingness to empower their own community.

The Beginning of our Journey/Början på vår resa

21 april, 2015

When we set out upon a journey to create an orphanage foundation on March 7, 2011, we developed a “wish-list” of what we most wanted to accomplish. First, we went about to register Fortune Development Centre (a private voluntary organisation). We realised that objective after excruciating government bureaucracy! Then we wanted to create a fund-raising network and we did that soon afterwards when an amazing Yennenga Progress CEO took the fledgling foundation under the umbrella of the dynamic Yennenga Progress. We needed a website and Yennenga Progress again stepped up to make that happen. Yennenga Progress and Fortune Development Centre have now done a beautiful job and have established this informative website.

As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.” Fortune DC has now acquired and registered a piece of land — 14000m2 in size. An architectural firm has been contracted to design a complex that includes a carpentry factory to manufacture toys, an admin block and a fuel pump backed by a mechanic facility to teach school leavers skills in motor mechanics.

While the objective for the establishment of a carpentry factory is to teach skills in carpentry, this will also create jobs for unemployed youths in the community and generate income for Fortune Development Centre, to prevent total dependence on donations.


När vi började på en resa att skapa ett barnhemsstiftels den 7:e mars 2011, utvecklade vi en ”önskelista” för vad vi mest av allt ville åstadkomma. Först registrerade vi Fortune Development Centre (en privat frivillig organisation). Vi uppnådde detta mål efter olidlig statlig byråkrati! När vi ville börja skapa en pengainsamlingsnätverk började vi diskutera möjligheterna med den fantastiska Yennenga Progress VD:n som sedan lade till den unga stiftelsen inom ramen för den dynamiska Yennenga Progress. Vi behövde en hemsida och återigen klev Yennenga Progress in för att möjliggöra det. Yennenga Progress och Fortune Development Centre har nu gjort ett underbart jobb och har etablerat denna informativa webbplats.

Som ordspråket går, ”en resa på tusen mil börjar med ett steg.” Fortune DC har nu förvärvat och registrerat mark — 14000 m² i storlek. En arkitektfirm har kontrakterats för att designa ett komplex som inkluderar en snickeri fabrik för tillverkning av leksaker, en administrativ byggnad och en bränslepump som sköts av en bilverkstad för att på så sätt utbilda utsatta ungdomar till mekaniker.

Medan målet för att grunda en snickerifabrik är att lära ut kunskaper i bl.a. snickeri, kommer detta också att skapa arbetstillfällen för arbetslösa ungdomar i samhället och dessutom generera inkomster för Fortune Development Centre, för att förhindra en total beroende av donationer.


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