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Pauline Conde, Development coordinator and contact person Yennenga Center
Pauline Conde, Development coordinator and contact person Yennenga Center

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Local projects go glocal

Local needs to support daily life is identified and developed in the village. In the village Nakamtenga, Burkina Faso, our work now cover most of the targets of the UN Global Goals.

Competence for change

The Yennenga partnership network connects to the local initiatives and collaboration is born to find good solutions, fulfill the need and create best practice to help others achieve the UN Global Goals.

Sustainable societies

Lasting progress emerge by local efforts together with international partnership. Together we make a difference to achieve the UN Global Goals.

We need you!

One of the most important aspects of Yennenga Progress is the partnership network. We match relevant people in our network with ideas, activities, and projects where their competence will be most valuable.

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The women in the village of Nakamtenga voiced the need for better education for their children and knew the existing school system made it very hard for their children to succeed and create a better future.

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Food Security and Climate Adaptation

As soil depletion and climate change affect crops, the need for small-scale food producers to adapt cultivation methods and crops to the new conditions is increasing. We are continuously working on finding new solutions.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Five women per day die on average in pregnancy and childbirth in Burkina Faso because of poverty; lack of information and poor access to health care.

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Sustainable Energy

The entire population of the village should have access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services and it should be renewable. We are continuously working solutions both on a structural level and at the family level.

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Gardening, a small input for a great sustainability

Every detail is an important part of the concept of The Good Village – and therefore even small donations are invaluable. In this case, 2 400 EUR from Ollie och Elof Ericsson Stiftelse (Ollie & Elof Ericsson Foundation) means better nutrition, agricultural knowledge, secure use of scarce resources and confidence building among children.

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Interview with Sara Rösare

– The Swedish ”offentlighetsprincipen”, the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, is excellent but it is not worth much if the documents it grants you to see are incomprehensible.

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Interview with Elin Richarz

Burkina Faso has always been known as friendly and peaceful, a nation spared of ethnic conflicts. But in recent years, sporadic terror attacks by extremists have occurred in the north. The region around Nakamtenga is regarded safe but incidents also far away in the country must be looked into as potential threats to security.

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