Support Our Work

We are dependent on the gifts from people who want to join and create a better world, and achieve the UN Global Goals, Agenda 2030.

You can contribute directly to one specific area in need of funding. The gifts sent to Yennenga Progress without such specification are distributed according to what is in the pipeline or in need of extra love right now.

In order to increase our opportunities for long-term planning and security in our operations, regular/monthly deposits are of great importance.

School sponsorship

The cost of school per child is approximately 300 SEK / month, including material, school lunch, fruit and additional school health care.

Sponsor an employee salary

Our staff is the best asset we have in order to continue developing our projects and methods in a way tailored to local conditions. You or your company have the opportunity to sponsor a specific person’s salary. Get in touch with us and we’ll connect your donation to the right person! Depending on the staff occupation this donation can be between 800 - 4,000 SEK/month!


A fund to increase the number of scholarships for higher education for those students that graduate from high school. The fund gives an opportunity to pursue higher education as well as external training. It is also a way for Yennenga Progress to ensure future additions of staff with the right expertise.


These funds are used when someone in or outside the village urgently needs medical care that the family is unable to afford.


A fund for those who would like to be operated after female genital mutilation to reduce complications and have a more comfortable sex life.


A fund for tooth-repair and replacement since dental care in Burkina Faso usually means pulling out the teeth that are causing trouble.

(For Swedish donors) Månadsgivande med autogiro

Anmäl dig i formuläret för att bli månadsgivare! Välj vad du vill att ditt stöd ska gå till:

– Yennenga valfri summa
– Skolfadder 300 kr/mån
– Lön 1000 kr/Mån (ex trädgårdsmästare, skolkökspersonal etc)
– Lön 2000 kr/Mån (ex pedagoger, hälsopersonal)
– Lön 3000 kr/Mån (ex rektor, proj.ledn.)

Maila om du vill ha en personlig kontakt med skolan/anställd.

Genom att skicka formuläret godkänner du vår integritetspolicy.

Other ways to help


If you have a Swedish phone number we accept Swish donations at the following number


Transfer money via your bank at the following PlusGiro number


Yennenga Progress has a "90-account" – meaning that the organisation is held to high standards and is vetted in yearly inspections by the Swedish Institution of Donations Regulation

Payments from abroad

If you are not in Sweden you can make your payment to our bank account.

Swift: Handsess 
IBAN: SE79 6000 0000 0006 1582 1758
Contact us

If you have other inquiries in regards to donations or ways of supporting our work, please contact Stina Berge at


How do I know my money really reaches the goal?

You are welcome to visit us in the village at any time. We have a good infrastructure of guesthouses and restaurant, it's the best way to see how well everything works and that your contribution makes a difference. We have a fantastic team in place that you can contact and talk to directly. Please follow us on instagram and facebook to see all important and exciting work being done.

How much money does the organisation Yennenga Progress use for administration?

Thanks to all the people and companies that work probono to contribute to our work, we have the opportunity to have minimal administrative costs. These have over the years been between 10-12% of total costs.

How do you avoid corruption?

The leaders of every activity at the Yennenga Center, sign our Code of Conduct. This is a living document that is also used in the school's work etc. In The Good Village, all financial management is coordinated centrally and is not managed by individual activities. The local community with strong social ties between every one involved has proved to reduce the risk of corruption, through the social press and that they are committed to building their own future. We have Swedish representation on site that sends monthly financial reports to Sweden. In Sweden, the accounting is handled by Deloitte, and audited by Grant Thornton.