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Together we achieve sustainable development in accordance with the UN's global goal, Agenda 2030.
To succeed in poverty reduction and democratization, we need to be able to ensure the availability of education, health and infrastructure that are tax-financed in welfare societies such as Sweden. For it to work, a community structure is needed that can organize this and, not least, confidence in this community structure and its decision makers. The good village is a model for success - even in the world's poorest countries. And with your expertise and dedication, we develop the keys to the solutions to the world's problems!

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Select a sponsorship level

Choose a sponsor level that suits your business. Or if you are new to us, why not a “get to know Yennenga” start-package? Contact us for more information on what the different levels contain.

Yennenga company matching

We help you find a project or part of a project that matches your own core business or core values, which you can support and follow over time.

Yennenga Business club breakfasts

The company breakfasts gives you continues education in sustainability and tips on how you as a company can contribute to the Global goals both within your company and through Yennenga Progress.

The mission to create welfare

Yennenga acts on the basis of the UN’s 17 development goals, where responsibility for creating global sustainable development lies with all actors; civil society, business, government and state, no matter where in the world they are. “ The good village” and its results are gaining attention, inspiring more people to try and create the good village in other places. Yennenga Progress offers companies, organizations and individuals the opportunity to engage in work that provides concrete results in the further development of welfare societies. Now you can join us too!

Long-term partnerships with our sponsoring companies provide capacity for continued development and financial stability. The partnership also gives the companies that support us more dimensions of active work to support the global goals! Looking forward collaborating with you!

Suggestions for companies

How to get co-workers and customers involved.

  • That the companies' co-workers donate "hours" to Yennenga, as an organisation, or any particular activity to contribute to with their competence.
  • For example via an "impact day" where the co-workers get a day to do specific assignments.
  • That companies use gift cards/diplomas that sponsor Yennengas various projects. They can be gifted as a thank you, instead of flowers or other type of gifts, to orators and guests at events.
  • That companies during their usual activity arrange campaigns/courses/events where a certain amount of money goes to Yennenga.
  • That companies propose to their co-workers for them to have money withdrawn from their salary and donated to any chosen project or i.e. school sponsorship ( withdrawn directly from the payroll by the company's administration and sent to Yennenga).
  • That the companies propose to x employees to have a week's visit to The Good Village, get to know the different projects and, while there, even contribute with some volunteering.
  • That companies' sponsor a salary or an education in their own field – which is a engaging committment and easy way to communicate the company's involvement /intention both internally and externally.