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One of the most important aspects of our work is the partnership network. We match relevant people in our network with ideas, activities, and projects where their competence will be most valuable.

How you can help

Contribute with your expertise

Take the opportunity to impact the world and society by doing what you are best at. After registering to become a member, contribute however much you can when your expertise is requested by others in Yennenga Progress. From giving your input on a business plan to actively participating in a project or process.


Make an impact & develop your skills by actively participating in our projects. You can join one of the following teams: Education, Health, Infrastructure, Practical support (event, packing, receiving visitors)

Donate money

Money is important to enable us to start and develop various projects. We also need funding to assist our members. You can contribute directly to specific projects (by telling us in the subject line) and unspecified gifts are distributed where it's the most needed.

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How the network works

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How can you contribute?

Find out what type of capabilities we are looking for, we want people from across all industries in all capacities

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Sign up to join our network

Add your name and skillset to our international network and take part in creating substantial change in a developing community.

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Stay in the loop

By signing up to our newsletter you will stay updated on all our news and events throughout the year

Share your skill

Become part of our partnership network by contributing with your skill set. By signing up to the Yennega Progress network you will be invited to our events, ask to contribute with your expertise in relevant projects and be part of lasting progress. Please fill in the form and specify what you want and can contribute with. We are lucky to have you!

By applying to our partnership network you agree to take part in our privacy policy.

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What happens once I join the Yennenga Progress Partnership Network?

Once you become a member of the Yennenga Progress network of competences, you will be kept up to date with newsletters and social media about all the activities that are going on, and what we need to take the next step, as well as being invited to events and happenings.

How do I go about if I want to visit the village of Nakamtenga, and be part of the skills exchange?

We are happy for all visitors who want to study or contribute to the work on site! Visiting experts and friends fund their visits through scholarships or sponsorships. The local costs for the visitor for accommodation and food goes directly to financing the welfare of the village, so even your pure presence contributes to development!

Who are employees and who receive salary from Yennenga Progress?

The employees who receive salary from Yennenga Progress are mainly the local employees in Burkina Faso. In Sweden, all work, except the Secretary-General, is done pro bono by the individual expert or through their company / organization, unless specific funding has been received for a project.