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Wishing you a beautiful summer

We wish all our friends, supporters, mentors, followers and employees a brilliant summer! In Nakamtenga, the schools are now on summer vacation. The summer months are our only rainy season and most of our activities are slowing down, to focus all efforts on agriculture, for both our experimental farm and the majority of the population, for whom their own farms are an important part of the family's livelihood. From the Yennenga team, we thank you for another season of support and cheers in the work for a sustainable future.

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Catching up with the learning

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, Burkina Faso shut down all schools. In a country like Burkina Faso, there is no possibility of internet-based home education for the majority of the population. Most parents of the students in our schools have not been to school themselves. Being able to receive home tuition is therefore not possible. At Yennenga's schools, we tried to solve it as best we could by having the children come in small groups to pick up assignments, read books at home, and get some food.

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Enough is enough

One thing is how things work during periods of success. Another how they work in times of adversity. We see this in most areas of work, but above all, when it comes to democracy and equality, we see it in rich countries like Sweden, and in poorer countries like Burkina Faso. It is easy to invite to conversations and participation when there is peace and stability. However, when security is threatened in various ways, it is easy to fall back into old patterns, but also into protectionism and accusations. How then do we build strong structures so that they maintain democracy even in more difficult times? This is a question for Yennenga Progress, but also for anyone who wants to call themselves democracies.

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A bridge between young people here and in Nakamtenga

Fancy spending two weeks of your summer holiday in the real Africa, far away from any tourist crowds?

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Mammorna på uppdrag Framtid!

Mammorna sa: Världen står inför stor förändring. Vad kan våra barn göra i framtiden om de inte har grundläggande utbildning? I Nakamtenga var det mammorna som samlades och tog initiativet att starta förskolan, för nu 20 år sedan. Det var samma gäng kvinnor som sedan drev frågan om att bygga skolan. Vi har nu nått ända till 9:an med klasser och börjat planera för gymnasiet! Låt din morsdagspresent bli ett stöd för framtiden!

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Happy Eid!

We wish all our Muslim colleagues and friends a Happy Eid!

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Online annual meeting notice

Spring is approaching, the days are getting brighter in Sweden and vaccination is underway, in Burkina Faso most corona restrictions have been released so all activities are underway.

Texten på svenska längre ner på sidan.

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Now the value of every coin triples

Once the jungle gym* was welded by craftsmen from the project workshop, it was a most sustainable asset. Frequently and enthusiastically utilized by the Nakamtenga children.

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Even this dry soil will improve people lives – with new knowledge

The light Sahara sand dust creates a haze almost blocking the early morning sun. It is already approaching 40 degrees when Susanne, Jari and Noël arrive at their plots and start working the soil, adding another cloud of fine gravel to the air.

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