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Who is a winner?

There is one thing: All the questions, whatever their size, that we are trying to address, in everyday life around us in the village of Nakamtenga, to create a good society for all those who live in it. Then there is the other thing which is the fact that everything that happens in the outside world affects us, and affects the goals we're trying to achieve. The year that passed, 2019 and the first half of 2020 has, to say the least, challenged us in this. But we have a dream! A strong dream and a conviction for a better world! And we hold on to that dream!

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Waste management during corona times!

Last week we were contacted by the company Iterio, who has been contributing to our work for many years, and asked how they could support our work more now during corona times, as they understand that it is tough for the local people. Yesterday we had a meeting to address some of the things we really want to solve, and decided on this, which is a fundamental issue for both human and environment, both in the short corona term and long term!
Iterio has decided to step in and help us get started with garbage disposal in the village! Does it sound unsexy? Far from it! It's magical!

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Win-win also for – you!

Are you bored? In quarantine? Missing friends, family or grandchildren? Longing for parties? Lost without your work mates? In dire need of going to the store yourself and choose from the shelves and hug the friend you bump into?
Well, new situations demand new solutions. Therefore, we want to introduce our
Spring Cleaning Campaign!
which will make your life more rewarding again.

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Introducing the principle of the Swedish ”utedass”

One of the best win-win-solutions for people living on the margin of an austere nature is – manure.

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Invitation to the online annual meeting of Yennenga Progress

Given the extraordinary circumstances prevailing in the world, Yennenga Progress will hold its first online annual meeting.

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When city specialists and rural healers join the cause

A common African dilemma hampering health care to a majority of its people is that doctors at times are reluctant to leave the main cities. In Burkina Faso, which counts 0,06 medical doctors per 1 000 inhabitants (Sweden has 5,4), they often get paid per patient. This means the few doctors make very little money working in the countryside.  District hospitals may well have a scheme for visiting specialists but, as many patients waiting in vain have experienced, this tends to be more theory than practice.

A German gift to Yennenga Progress turned into health care where there is no doctor.

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Do not forget our friends in Nakamtenga

The mayor of our municipality Ziniaré in Burkina Faso is standing in the street corner of the urban area with a bottle of hand-sanitizer in his hand offering a spraying to anyone who wants it. Most people stop and stretch out their hands. Mayor Pascal Compaoré, who has his family in our village of Nakamtenga, shows with a tangible and clearly visible gesture that he takes the threat of the Corona virus seriously.

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Bruno, 13, is digitalizing the Sahel

In many parts of the world, talented and ambitious young people face a gigantic threshold keeping them out of higher education: Poverty.

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A new hashtag – #mycoronapromise

In spine-chilling tales, we often hear the main character say: if I survive this I promise to... and then something positive, of course, that the person may have said before, but had not taken sufficiently into consideration to implement it.
Maybe the corona crisis is that spine-chilling tale and you are the main character?
(NB. Text in Swedish available in the lower half of this page)

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