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Bruno, 13, is digitalizing the Sahel

In many parts of the world, talented and ambitious young people face a gigantic threshold keeping them out of higher education: Poverty.

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A new hashtag – #mycoronapromise

In spine-chilling tales, we often hear the main character say: if I survive this I promise to... and then something positive, of course, that the person may have said before, but had not taken sufficiently into consideration to implement it.
Maybe the corona crisis is that spine-chilling tale and you are the main character?
(NB. Text in Swedish available in the lower half of this page)

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Corona hours - A Time for Learning!

In our village Nakamtenga, as everywhere on earth, measures are taken to meet Corona, or rather avoid Corona. It is important that we do not expose those who are at risk. I feel immense gratitude for the huge capacity of action and the efforts to quickly change our life patterns, which the world has shown instantly! What lessons can we draw and how do we use this power to address all the big issues that will create a better world – and obviously in no time if we all do it together?

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Take care of each other

It is important that everyone takes responsibility for stopping the corona spread.

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The Era of digital learning platforms

The concept of The Good Village has raised a lot of interest. And not only in Burkina Faso. We have heard many people spontaneously say: “This would probably work really well here too”.

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Women´s Day support in song

Sweden does not exactly come to a halt on the 8th of March, even though the International Women´s Day gradually has become a significant commemoration. However, in Nakamtenga, it is thoroughly celebrated by everyone.

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Water in the desert

There is no life without water. There is no water in the desert. Or...?

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Planting a tree that will stand 2 000 years as a symbol for peace

You have seen such pictures many times: Villagers get together to plant trees. Increasingly a frequent sight in Africa when governments and local communities and NGO:s try to preserve the soil, save agriculture and stop desertification, etc.

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An ambassador for all children

Being a most versatile programme, a great variety of experts and professionals has contributed in the construction of Yennenga Progress as a role model to local communities. And now yet another title can be added to this list: Ambassador for Children’s Rights. An ambassador for children.

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