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Even this dry soil will improve people lives – with new knowledge

The light Sahara sand dust creates a haze almost blocking the early morning sun. It is already approaching 40 degrees when Susanne, Jari and Noël arrive at their plots and start working the soil, adding another cloud of fine gravel to the air.

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Egg-painting always a certain success!

Sill and surströmming and kräftor, snapsånger, Midnatt råder and Små grodorna.
That is, respectively: Raw herring, rotten herring, sweet water crayfish party, drinking songs, Lucia celebration in white robes and dunce hats plus weird bouncing around the Midsummer pole.
Behold this mix of Swedish contribution to global cultural exchange.

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Day and night, the sun is running the health centre

Corona made it even more clear: resilience in a society is about not being dependent on the state or other actors, when it comes to the most basic human needs! Even if we are cut-off from the world in another lock down, we will be self-reliant when it comes to energy so that we can keep the health centre functioning and charge our phones so that we can communicate and receive important information.

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How to survive covid – support a salary!

What Yennenga has accomplished – has really put us on an exciting journey towards a self-reliant and sustainable society, on the countryside in one of the poorest countries in the world! Lifelong education, holistic care and important infrastructure is put into place. Gradually, the level of local financing was increasing. A year ago, one third of the programme budget came from its own local revenue.

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Yet another diploma to hang on relevant walls...

... both in Sweden and in Africa.

Yennenga Progress is certified as an advocate for and enabler of a sustainable environment.

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The yearly menstrual event is introduced!

Something that nearly all women experience. Do we need to talk about that? YES! Everyone experiences their first-time, everyone experiences messy moments, maybe embarrassing moments, maybe worries? So definitively we MUST talk about it!

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Herman’s birthday present to his African friends

It is a bit early to speculate if Herman Berge will make a career within sustainable development. But if so, his future CV will tell that he started at the age of four.


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God Jul och allt gott önskar Yennenga

Stay safe och sprid kärlek!

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Report from our Intern Angela

We find it a privilege to host interns, to share knowledge about our work, but also to get new perspectives and insights from the students. I believe that the strength of working in a small organization, means that trainees get a deep insight into the projects, as all parts from planning, implementation and evaluation become available. This also means that the trainees really can contribute and make a difference.

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