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God Jul och allt gott önskar Yennenga

Stay safe och sprid kärlek!

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Report from our Intern Angela

We find it a privilege to host interns, to share knowledge about our work, but also to get new perspectives and insights from the students. I believe that the strength of working in a small organization, means that trainees get a deep insight into the projects, as all parts from planning, implementation and evaluation become available. This also means that the trainees really can contribute and make a difference.

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Kära Jultomten!

I år är det extra tydligt att något som vi alla borde kunna ta för givet inte är självklart för alla:

Tillgång till sjukvård.

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A super ideal place for internship

“Yennenga’s approach is unique to the aid sector.”
Yes, you’ve heard us say this. Often.
However, the quote above is a newcomer’s conclusion after having studied the organisation with the curious eyes of a University student.

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Describing the Yennenga Philosophy

Any truly committed aid worker would stand up on demand and deliver an electrifying sales pitch to assure us of the relevance of specifically their organisation. I can hardly think of anyone with a more sound base to do so than Stina Berge.

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Are we there yet? A thesis

Last semester two Master students in Industrial Engeneering at Lund University, Christoffer Hansson and Rebecca Palmgren, wrote their thesis aiming to... “develop a framework for constructing performance measurement systems that will help organizations within development aid to reach their long and short term goals”

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Even the smallest initiative makes a difference!

– I believe that our input, although very limited, worked out so well because of Yennenga´s project philosophy. Since the ambition is to make every single section of a society function together, everyone can contribute in a meaningful way. Whatever your profession, whatever your business, there is room for every initiative!

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It's time for us to make a real difference: I am Congo!

Ten years ago, the United Nations published the DRC Mapping Report documenting the systematic abuses in this conflict.  And yet, not much has happened. We have new laws and resolutions, but we need juridical institutions to secure they are respected!

Peace is not just a word written on a piece of paper. It is a course of action..

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The legacy of a tooth brush…

At times, it can be somewhat tricky to visualize valuable development activities. While donors naturally want to see how their funds are utilised, quite often the most meaningful structural inputs in a society are impossible to immortalize in a photo.

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