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Water in the desert

There is no life without water. There is no water in the desert. Or...?

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Planting a tree that will stand 2 000 years as a symbol for peace

You have seen such pictures many times: Villagers get together to plant trees. Increasingly a frequent sight in Africa when governments and local communities and NGO:s try to preserve the soil, save agriculture and stop desertification, etc.

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An ambassador for all children

Being a most versatile programme, a great variety of experts and professionals has contributed in the construction of Yennenga Progress as a role model to local communities. And now yet another title can be added to this list: Ambassador for Children’s Rights. An ambassador for children.

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Couture, Yennengas textile training programme

The colossal building site, where the new Slussen traffic carousel will emerge, has not only resulted in a tourist attraction in its own  right but also that you for the moment cannot literally look at products from Nakamtenga.

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... and here’s a completely different way to improve village health care

Merging creative ideas in order to increase cash income with simultaneously improving  social conditions has become almost a trademark of  The Good Village. And here is yet another way:

Eva Åberg, professional masseuse, is grinding shea nuts which will turn into clay which in turn will produce a butterlike oil, shea butter (karité), the new product, Nakamtenga massage oil.

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Chez Nakamtenga is growing

Lunch in a bustling African capital? A quick break for urban office workers?

Actually, rather the opposite. This is “restaurang-skolan”, the training ground for chefs and nutritional knowledge and efficient use of available local food products in Nakamtenga. So how come this most rural settlement, dominated by small scale farming, may provide also such a photo?

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Swedish burgers create food security!

A secure and preferably extended agricultural season has become a central issue for Yennenga Progress. And now the true work can start thanks to a new collaboration with the Swedish food company, MAX Burgers.

Image: Richard Bergfors, CEO of MAX Burgers and Stina Berge general secretary of Yennenga Progress sign the agreement on the cooperation that will secure food supply in Nakamtenga and beyond.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We at Yennenga Progress would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true.

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Bidra till en God jul i Nakamtenga!

Jul handlar om liv, hopp och födelse, kanske rent av pånyttfödelse.
Årets Yennenga-julklapp är därför rent vatten! En förutsättning för allt liv.

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Recent visit of Dentists Without Borders to Nakamtenga

Living without dental problems in Africa often depends on two conditions: The effectiveness of the Coca-Cola distribution network (mostly it is amazingly good) and poor families' ability to increase their cash income. The more untouched by this "modern" influence, the less need to look after your teeth during childhood.

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Involving children in solidarity work

It is an unwritten principle among most humanitarian NGO:s not to persuade children to donate money. However, involving them in solidarity work is often a most gratifying task, the children learn for the future and they feel proud to be able to participate.

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Global surgery – making the cut for everyone’s right to health | The Swedish Forum for Human Rights, 2019

He says the healing process starts at the door to the hospital. It is about being seen, understood, believed, and taken seriously.
He says the healing is not done when the surgery is successfully over.
It is a process and there are so many pieces to it: Medical care, mental health but also about rule of law and democracy.
Therefore, we can all act to improve access to good health care globally.

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Here are our new classrooms!

This week saw an immaculate cleaning of the two new classrooms by the pupils of the 7th grade and likewise new 8th grade in preparation for the unloading of a dusty but finally arrived container.

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The year book is now available!

With a long weekend ahead, when all the “trick-or-treat”-children have returned home and are munching their sweets, you may enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea together with some encouraging reading.

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Our container has finally arrived!

Logistics are always a challenge in a landlocked country. But finally, after having passed the port of Lomé in Togo and then driven on a trailer through complex customs procedures, our own container has arrived in Nakamtenga.

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Gardening, a small input for a great sustainability

Every detail is an important part of the concept of The Good Village – and therefore even small donations are invaluable. In this case, 2 400 EUR from Ollie och Elof Ericsson Stiftelse (Ollie & Elof Ericsson Foundation) means better nutrition, agricultural knowledge, secure use of scarce resources and confidence building among children.

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Interview with Sara Rösare

– The Swedish ”offentlighetsprincipen”, the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, is excellent but it is not worth much if the documents it grants you to see are incomprehensible.

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Interview with Elin Richarz

Burkina Faso has always been known as friendly and peaceful, a nation spared of ethnic conflicts. But in recent years, sporadic terror attacks by extremists have occurred in the north. The region around Nakamtenga is regarded safe but incidents also far away in the country must be looked into as potential threats to security.

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