Yennenga Progress Health care center uses the Nobel laureate Dr Denis Mukwege’s model, whose vision is to create adequate health structures throughout Africa and the rest of the world. His model is based on holistic, integrated care covering all health aspects, but focus primarily on strengthening women and girls - including prevention and treatment of sexual violence. Our health concept covers everything from information sharing and preventive health care, to medical health care, mental health care and legal support. In order to achieve a better health situation for the families in our project area, we have decided to focus on gender issues, reproductive health and general knowledge.

Dr Denis Mukwege Center

During the autumn of 2018, the Dr Denis Mukwege Center was completed. The center offers health care, maternity care, childbirth care and dental care.

The work of the health care center is being developed by the Burkinian health team in the village. Hence, from the very beginning we cooperate with local health care authorities, hospitals and educational institutions. We emphasize the importance of local knowledge and encourage recruitment of staff from the local area.

The Burkinian team collaborates with a Congolese and a Swedish health care team, who together create the best conditions for conducting holistic high-quality health care.

Maternal mortality and child mortality in Burkina Faso are among the highest in the world. Burkina Faso passed a law against female circumcision in 1997 but unfortunately the reality today is different. According to national statistics, 13% of the girls are still being circumcised. However, the studies we have conducted locally, to date, suggest that about 30% or more of the girls are circumcised / genital-mutilated.


The Dr Denis Mukwege Center is a so-called one-stop-center where visitors can receive help from various instances in one place instead of having to share their story with many different people in several locations. The goal is to, through coordination, set the focus on the visitor and thus contribute to better health and increased well-being. We unite medical health, mental health and juridical support at the same place. The visitor can be confident to receive support through the whole process of getting a solution to the problems they are facing.


We underline the negative impact of limiting gender structures and work to strengthen gender-equal relationships: more responsible definitions of masculinity and femininity. There is much to be done to empower women and to create a sustainable situation for women to be able to take active part in society and decision making. But we see it as crucial to work with good male role models. When including men in the work for equality we can achieve relations that benefits the whole family, abstains from violence, and leads to peace and democracy.

Holistic view

Our health care is inspired by Dr Denis Mukwege’s holistic health model which contributes to increased quality of life, improved health and reduced maternal and child mortality. Dr Mukwege believes that the patient cannot be considered healthy when they have received medical care alone. It takes so much more to be able to return to a full-fledged life: mental health, possibility to support themselves and their families, human rights and the opportunity to create a good future for themselves and their children.

Yennenga health Departments

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Medical Care

With as few as 10 physicians per 100,000 people, a high prevalence of female genital mutilation, having the lowest GDP per capita and lowest level of literacy in the world, Burkina Faso faces a multitude of challenges in the fight to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Five women per day die on average in pregnancy and childbirth in Burkina Faso because of poverty; lack of information and poor access to health care.

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Information and preventive health

With knowledge and information we can prevent many health problems. Both acute problems and health problems that increases over time. We therefore put great importance to preventative work both at our schools and through meeting places for discussions and exchanges on important subjects.

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Dental Care

The Dental Clinic responds to the great need and demand for good dental care. In general, we see deteriorating dental health in the area. With a growing middle class and the population going from eating what they grow themselves, to buying imported food, the consumption of sugar is increasing. This combined with a lack of knowledge about preventive dentistry and why it is important to take care of your teeth, increases the complications with dental health.

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Mental Health

Respect for the individual and an empathetic approach are important parts of Dr. Mukwege's model for sustainable care. In addition to psychological care, our psychosocial team is also responsible for working with the staff and staff's treatment of patients in general, so that the Dr Mukwege Center offers a safe and welcoming environment.

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Democracy and Justice

The laws are often well formulated in most countries. The problem is implementation and compliance. With knowledge and information on existing laws and systems, the population's ability to make demands on these existing regulations increase


How is the health situation in the country?

Maternal mortality of 100 000 births
Burkina Faso 371 – Sweden 4

Infant mortality of 10 000 births
Burkina Faso 722 – Sweden 26

Number of doctors per 100 000
Burkina Faso 5 – Sweden 411

Number of children per woman
Burkina Faso 5 – Sweden 2

How can I contribute to your work?

If you work in the field of health or have experience that you would like to share to develop our different health departments you are welcome to join our health expert team or just contact us to learn more about the possibilities!

Do you need money?

Yes, there is always a need of money to continue the work on developing the health situation. We also need to have funds for emergency interventions when the families don’t have the economic means to  save the lives of their loved ones. We also need funds for dental care and for reconstruction of clitoris. Click here to donate.