Women´s Day support in song

Sweden does not exactly come to a halt on the 8th of March, even though the International Women´s Day gradually has become a significant commemoration. However, in Nakamtenga, it is thoroughly celebrated by everyone.

To begin with, Burkina Faso has declared March 8 a public holiday. All through the day, numerous activities are organised where business companies, schools, federations and individuals get together. There is a touch of carnival with dressed up people marching through the streets and an obvious party spirit.

However, topics highlighted are serious. The overall ambition is to emphasize areas where women traditionally are hampered by prejudice and conservative regulations.  It can be anything from business opportunities to access to higher education, from mother and child care to domestic violence.

In Burkina Faso, everyone tries to join. Which not least is symbolized in this photo: The 2020 Women´s Day fabric. Every year, Burkina Faso chooses a new fabric and then makes dresses – also for the men – and these are worn long time after the actual event to demonstrate commitment to the idea of an equal society.

We may miss the party but in Stockholm, we can contribute to the cause on the 8th of March.  Simply by attending a concert at 14.30 in Hedvig Eleonora Church with the theme:

“Compositions by women to support vulnerable women”.

For the 9th consecutive year, this concert is a cooperation between the congregation and acclaimed opera singer Jacqueline Miura, presently performing at Folkoperan. The work for women's health at Dr Denis Mukwege Center is one of three beneficiaries from the concert – please note details on Jacqueline Miura Productions on Facebook.

Tickets can be bought here.