Our container has finally arrived!

Logistics are always a challenge in a landlocked country. But finally, after having passed the port of Lomé in Togo and then driven on a trailer through complex customs procedures, our own container has arrived in Nakamtenga.

Presently, staff are busy taking care of:

  • desks, chairs, tables and lockers for the two new secondary school classrooms, donated by AJ Möbler in Halmstad;
  • anaesthetics equipment and microscope from Regionsjukhuset in Borås and a delivery bed for the maternity ward from a clinic in Värnamo plus hygiene pads and other products from Libresse for the expanding hospital;
  • a lot of various equipment for the carpentry- and welding workshops;

For almost a year, one of Yennenga’s most dedicated supporters, Roland Ahlgren in Kinna, has been the main organizer of searching through not least the western part of Sweden for useful and cheap or even free items. Following a long wish list produced on site. Roland first stored everything in his own garage in Kinna and then transported these procurements in stages to our depot in Tierp. Many thanks to Erikshjälpen’s second hand shop in Kinna who helped us with their lorry.

Yennenga has sent containers with important equipment on several occasions but, previously, rented them. This time, we bought a 40 feet container which will remain in Nakamtenga as a much needed store room.