Meet our intern Rebecca

My name is Rebecca Dotto from Tanzania; I am a second year master student in Global Health at Uppsala University in Sweden. I’m super excited to do my eight weeks internship at Yennenga Progress in this autumn semester 2023. In my new role as an intern with Yennenga Progress I will be focusing on youth and adolescent boys' and girls' sexual and reproductive health with a deep dive in early pregnancies, gender equality and empowerment, discussion on gender stereotypes, and inspire girls and boys to make informed decisions about their sexualities.

I am inspired to participate in promoting girl's empowerment because I was born and raised in a community with few resources and information about sexual health and education, witnessed unsafe abortion, girls drop out of school due to pregnancies, and experience different social expectations between boys and girls while boys have more opportunities and health information than girls. This stimulated me to take part in promoting gender equality between boys and girls in all aspects of life.

I have a background in social sciences and I have been working with youth in providing training and health talks that are essential for making informed decisions about their sexual life, providing training to parents and local leaders on fighting against early marriage and empower a girl child to stay in school and acquire formal education.

Moreover, my experience has drawn-out to designing campaigns, fund raising and projects which emphasized on encouraging girls to take leadership positions, providing of school essential supplies for children hygiene and health talks with young mothers.

I am super excited to be a part of Yennenga Progress team and share my skills and experience with youth and adolescent boys and girls and improve their lives and empower them to make informed choices through education, games and case studies. I hope this internship will contribute to Yennenga Progress mission on Sustainable Development Goal 3 and in building sustainable societies.

Thank you for this wonderful life changing opportunity, and I’m looking forward to contribute to youth and adolescents sustainable future.