Win-win also for – you!

Are you bored? In quarantine? Missing friends, family or grandchildren? Longing for parties? Lost without your work mates? In dire need of going to the store yourself and choose from the shelves and hug the friend you bump into?
Well, new situations demand new solutions. Therefore, we want to introduce our
Spring Cleaning Campaign!
which will make your life more rewarding again.

I must admit it’s quite awkward to ask for donations right now. But consider it like this:

The circular economy is the future. Your home is full of things you have thought of selling or throwing away – but you never seem to find the right moment (procrastinating?) to search through the attic/basement/garage.

But now is the chance for action. So:

Let your much needed Spring Cleaning support our health and educational programmes in Nakamtenga!

Africa may only be in the beginning of the pandemic. In Burkina Faso, those local companies funding 30 % of operations in Nakamtenga are already on their knees. Most cities are in strict quarantine. We can no longer travel and share expertise with one another. But it also means that customers are not permitted to visit the village. Simply put: No customers = no income!

In order for us to endure this pandemic’s lock-down, the project The Good Village needs an extra input. Therefore:

Please join us for our Spring Cleaning fundraising drive to cover the salaries and expenses for education and health in the village.

Together, we can truly make a difference and inspire others with the power of the circular economy. Let us sell any old clothes, furniture, bicycles, things we don't need, etc. on Blocket. We’re asking everyone to donate part of their profits to support the sustainable village of Nakamtenga.

And spread the word! Post it on Facebook and Instagram to inspire others to do the same thing. And if you have the possibility to become a school sponsor (250 SEK/month) or salary sponsor (600 – 3 000 SEK/month), please let us know. This would be fantastic!

”Win-win” is an expression we often use to describe how different inputs merge in the project. This one also benefits – you!

Thank you for your support!

Stina Berge

Secretary General