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All Yennenga Progress companies were started to meet a current need. These companies contribute practically to building the village's welfare functions, developing the infrastructure and creating a diversified production. It is through these companies that we, through our partner companies, try to develop sustainable technologies and services, as well as creating a local funding for the welfare services in the village.

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Waste Management

We are continuously working on waste management to find long-term solutions both on a structural level and at the family level. It is a question about the environment, health and life, but also the base of wellbeing and planning for a sustainable future.

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Food Security and Climate Adaptation

As soil depletion and climate change affect crops, the need for small-scale food producers to adapt cultivation methods and crops to the new conditions is increasing. We are continuously working on finding new solutions.

We need you!

One of the most important aspects of Yennenga Progress is the partnership network. We match relevant people in our network with ideas, activities, and projects where their competence will be most valuable.