Infrastructure Infrastructure and entrepreneurship

Infrastructure is one of the bases for creating a secure future. Yennenga Progress' investment in infrastructure and entrepreneurship is first and foremost about building the resilience of the community against economic, social and environmental disasters. It is necessary to reduce the vulnerability of the population, thereby creating the opportunity to make long-term investments and planning for the future.

If there is high risk of starvation, lack of clean water, desertification and homelessness, the population must first focus all its efforts and limited resources on survival. Through our infrastructure concept we build structures to meet the residents’ basic needs in terms of access to food, water and sanitation, safe and secure homes and opportunities for livelihood.

We also encourage and support welfare services such as local mills, clean water within a reasonable distance with smoother pumping solutions, energy solutions that facilitate cooking etc, because it accelerates democracy and development, as it is in many aspects a gender question. This is because, in Africa, the majority of women and girls have to spend unreasonable time and efforts to bring flour and water home and firewood to cook the food. This stops them from participating in the development of their community: decision-making, income generating activities and investing for the future.

Basic human rights

Basic human rights are, in effect, built on basic human needs. The most basic human needs MUST be met in order for any development to take place and this is what society needs to prioritise. Working together in solidarity is what it takes to make this possible. We all need clean water, sustainable energy, food security, safe homes and of course health and education. Some communities just have to work harder to get them. Yennenga Progress wants to support them in doing this according to their own expressed priorities.

Best practice

We believe in action and the persuasive power of showing how to make implementation successful. It is easy to have theories and ideas, but it is only when they have been tested in real life – and over time – that we know if they are actually worth passing on, on a larger scale. Some projects look good for a month or maybe five, but after a year and a half they no longer prove to be functional. The processes must be possible to repeat and to change when flaws are identified.In the village of Nakamtenga we can test and evaluate before we present scalable solutions and methods

Local welfare funding

Thanks to the Yennenga enterprises, created in the village, and to its local and international network, a structure for local funding is being created through providing services and products for sale. Each year we see an increase in the percentage of welfare in The Good Village, financed by local resources, allowing for a more sustainable future. The fact that more and more of the needs are covered locally, creates enthusiasm, hope and pride. It is easier to have a sense of dignity if you are independent and have the tools to impact your own future.

Infrastructure is one basis for creating a secure future.
Yennenga Progress’ commitment to infrastructure and entrepreneurship is first and foremost about building resilience in the population to cope with:

  • Economic disasters,
  • Social disasters, and
  • Environmental disasters.

Through the reduction of vulnerability opportunities for long-term investments and initiatives are created.

Yennenga Infrastructure and Entrepreneurial Departments

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Water and sanitation

We are continuously working on water and sanitation to find long-term solutions, at both community and family level. These are issues that are necessary for health and life, and thereby a basis of all human rights, and they are also fundamental for development.

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Food Security and Climate Adaptation

As soil depletion and climate change affect crops, the need for small-scale food producers to adapt cultivation methods and crops to the new conditions is increasing. We are continuously working on finding new solutions.

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Sustainable Energy

The entire population of the village should have access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services and it should be renewable. We are continuously working solutions both on a structural level and at the family level.

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Waste Management

We are continuously working on waste management to find long-term solutions both on a structural level and at the family level. It is a question about the environment, health and life, but also the base of wellbeing and planning for a sustainable future.

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All Yennenga Progress companies were started to meet a current need. These companies contribute practically to building the village's welfare functions, developing the infrastructure and creating a diversified production. It is through these companies that we, through our partner companies, try to develop sustainable technologies and services, as well as creating a local funding for the welfare services in the village.

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Construction and city planning

We are continuously working on safe and sustainable building and city planning, both on a structural level and at the family level. These are questions about security and life quality, but also part of human rights and fundamental for development.


How is the situation of basic needs in the country?

The country contains large ponds. Water shortages are often a problem. According to UNICEF, access to drinking water has increased from 39 to 76% in rural areas between 1990 and 2015.

A 33-megawatt solar power plant in Zagtouli since November, 2017.

How can I contribute to Yennenga's work?

If you work in the field of any of the above mentioned areas or have experience that you would like to share to develop our efforts,  you are welcome to join our infrastructure expert team or just contact us to learn more about the opportunities!

Does Yennenga Progress need money?

Yes, there is always a need of money to be able to invest in a better and more secure infrastructure for the population. This will develop good practices for other villages to learn from to create their own welfare. Please contact us to learn more about projects, currently ongoing or is in the pipeline! Click here to donate!