Education Higher Education / Vocational Training

Lifelong learning, the opportunity to take the next step in their education, and to receive specialized training in all different vocational areas needed for the development of society is fundamental for us to encourage, support and create.


Nakamtenga, Burkina Faso


Pouswinde Yameogo, Lennart Karlsson


Ongoing since 2010

Contributing to these

Global Goals

1 – No poverty
3 – Good health and well-being
4 – Quality education
5 – Gender equality
10 – Reduced inequalities
16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions
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Higher Education / Vocational Training

– We are looking for teacher exchanges and pedagogical support

– Sponsoring a salary for someone in the school staff (1,500-3,500 SEK per month depending on level)

– Laptops and smartphones are needed for documentation and planning.

– Work exchanges and experts for further development of the companies/vocational schools. (building, welding, carpentry, textile, restaurant, conference and accommodation).

– Solar energy must be installed to meet the needs of all educational institutions.

– A higher education scholarship fund needs to be secured

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Education is an important part of social development - and we want to do everything we can to allow our children and young people to complete their education and our employees to continue their processes of learning and to be able to take part of the studies and research that have been done, so that we can continue to build and develop, without having to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Thanks to more and more acitivities in the village and the development of the welfare functions, young people for the first time see the opportunity to educate themselves on something that actually gives work! In a country where most of the population lives on self-sustaining agriculture and where industry is minimal, unemployment is high. We see young people's interest in studying to become teachers, health care professionals, etc., as a step to ensure long-term recruitment to our local activities.

Vocational training

Three vocational schools initiated by the youth group in the village, financed by Radiohjälpen, was how all the Yennenga companies in the village of Nakamtenga was being created! We started with restaurant, construction and textile. The program of vocational training has continued through continues education of existing employees and by having apprenticeships and trainees.


Scholarships have so far been given to all young people in the village who succeeded in their studies all the way through primary and secondary school and who want to continue their studies. This have been possible thanks to financial support from the Volvo employee's development fund and private individuals who sponsored our students. Most of these have since been employed in Yennenga Progress operations at teachers, nurses etc.

Apprenticeships and trainees.

Apprenticeships are a way of capturing young people who, for various reasons, dropped out of school or had to quit, but also all who are passionate about different types of crafts and practical work. Trainee opportunities are a way for us to spread our methods and ideas.