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Community College

At the community college, opportunity is created in the meeting between individuals to exchange experiences and skills that strengthen the knowledge and opportunity for the individual to be a part of an active democracy as included, educated and culturally understanding citizens. Education for adults and young adults at the community college makes it possible to build the local community on democratic values.

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With knowledge and information we can prevent many health problems. Both acute problems and health problems that increases over time. We therefore put great importance to preventative work both at our schools and through meeting places for discussions and exchanges on important subjects.

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Democracy and Justice

The laws are often well formulated in most countries. The problem is implementation and compliance. With knowledge and information on existing laws and systems, the population's ability to make demands on these existing regulations increase

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Mental Health

Respect for the individual and an empathetic approach are important parts of Dr. Mukwege's model for sustainable care. In addition to psychological care, our psychosocial team is also responsible for working with the staff and staff's treatment of patients in general, so that the Dr Mukwege Center offers a safe and welcoming environment.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Five women per day die on average in pregnancy and childbirth in Burkina Faso because of poverty; lack of information and poor access to health care.

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Medical Care

With as few as 10 physicians per 100,000 people, a high prevalence of female genital mutilation, having the lowest GDP per capita and lowest level of literacy in the world, Burkina Faso faces a multitude of challenges in the fight to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children.

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Higher Education / Vocational Training

Lifelong learning, the opportunity to take the next step in their education, and to receive specialized training in all different vocational areas needed for the development of society is fundamental for us to encourage, support and create.

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Knowledge is a human right. With an IT initiative in the village, we open the world and create closeness to all the knowledge and information that is available. In a country like Burkina Faso with very little industry, and expensive import and export routes, investing in tech can also mean the solution to job-creating and development.

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The library

We are convinced of the importance of access to books, for the development of the society and children's possibility to continue with their studies. We want to focus on encouraging the language on broader levels, arouse curiosity and offer possibilities to development by reading, listening and writing.
The purpose of the library project is to awaken the child's and youth's desire to read both for pleasure and obtaining some knowledge.

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Primary and Secondary School

The overall purpose is to run a primary and secondary school, which meets every child's real needs. A school that helps increase children's creativity, curiosity and desire to learn. The goal of Yennenga's schools is to provide real, useful knowledge that is necessary for continued schooling but also for everyday life outside the school and the development of the country.

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One of the most important aspects of Yennenga Progress is the partnership network. We match relevant people in our network with ideas, activities, and projects where their competence will be most valuable.