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Knowledge is a human right. With an IT initiative in the village, we open the world and create closeness to all the knowledge and information that is available. In a country like Burkina Faso with very little industry, and expensive import and export routes, investing in tech can also mean the solution to job-creating and development.


Nakamtenga, Burkina Faso


Joseph Ouedraogo


Ongoing since 2011

Contributing to these

Global Goals

4 – Quality education
5 – Gender equality
9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions
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– Updated computers

– Software for image management, design and layout creation.

– Development of the concept of programming for children.

– Games and educational programs for children (in French)

– We are looking for teacher exchanges and pedagogical support

– Sponsoring a salary for someone in the school staff (1,500-3,500 SEK per month depending on level)

– Solar energy must be installed to meet the needs of all educational institutions.

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The IT unit at the Yennenga Center was created primarily to provide the children at preschool and elementary school with basic computer knowledge and to be a complement to the traditional class room education. The IT unit is also available to the center's staff who want to learn how to use computers.

However, the potential is much greater but depends on whether we can get stable internet connection. With internet we could offer the village youth and adults to attend online education from all the universities of the world! At that point the center would seriously become a training center and an important part of our Community highschool!

We have tried different solutions that have worked for longer or shorter periods, but nothing has worked over time and costs have skyrocketed. But we keep dreaming that someone will come up with a good solution!

In addition, the Internet itself is an opportunity for cybercafe to make information available!

IT in school

The IT room is an important support and complement to the teaching and learning at our preschool and school. It is a complementary educational tool for mainly mathematics and language learning. Every child from the age of 5 and up is taught weekly to use a computer and, in addition to working with the educational programs, also learn simple word processing and programming. Maybe our kids are the tech innovators of the future!

Wider goal

Our IT room is to bee seen much more than a fun activity for children and youth. It cannot be expressed enough how important it is to create global access to information and communications technology. When enabling use of technology, we can link the world, together find solution to all our worlds big questions, and promote the empowerment of women, but also groups who for one reason or another is not being heard. We want to ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms.

Strategy and sustainability

• Show that programming, science and technology are fun, exciting and a profession for the future.

• Show young people that they have the potential to create cool things that solve problems, or are simply fun.

• Inspire entrepreneurship, further studies and career choices.

• With technology creation, young people can express themselves and have a chance to influence the future instead of being controlled by it.